Alvin Hoggard – Terminal Manager, CRST Expedited

In the past 7 years CRST has hired over 4,200 drivers out of the Fontana Terminal and each driver had to be given a DOT Physical to obtain a medical card and in most cases had to be transported to a clinic for their DOT Physical. In order to eliminate the transportation challenges of transporting our drivers to a clinic, we searched for a company that could conduct DOT physicals on-site at our terminal, which we partnered up with DOT Exam Professionals. We started the utilization of their services back in February 2012 and they have solved all of our transportation headaches and at the same time offered us a service by conducting DOT physicals on-site at a very affordable price which has saved CRST money and time. We are very pleased with the services that DOT Exam Professionals has provided and would recommend them to anyone that would like to save time, money, and have their DOT Physicals conducted by a professional organization.