• On behalf of Durham School Services I would like to thank Exam Professionals for the quality of work and customer service we have received over the years. Exam Professionals has always been knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive to our needs. Our experience working with this office continues to be excellent and we are very pleased to have found a company we know we can count on.¬†We especially want to thank Tina Hall for being incredibly professional and very knowledgeable to work with. A very special thank you for taking care of our drivers and applicants as individuals. In addition to your wonderful staff for making us feel genuinely welcome at the office, we thank you for your hard work. As always we look forward to the many more years working side by side with Exam Professionals.

    Safety & Training, Durham School Services
  • My experience working with Exam Professionals has been great. I know I can count on them to provide a quality service every time. Tina and her team have proven to me that I can count on them when I need them, and that has made my job much easier.

    Matthew Crow – Safety Manager
  • DOT Exam Professionals have been coming to our site for more than a year. And I must say they are the BEST! The friendliest staff and group of people I have dealt with. Tina Hall makes the group shine with her smile and personality. They are professional and arrive on time every time. Great group of people!

    Nate Cariveau – Safety Trainer, CRST Expedited
  • In the past 7 years CRST has hired over 4,200 drivers out of the Fontana Terminal and each driver had to be given a DOT Physical to obtain a medical card and in most cases had to be transported to a clinic for their DOT Physical. In order to eliminate the transportation challenges of transporting our drivers to a clinic, we searched for a company that could conduct DOT physicals on-site at our terminal, which we partnered up with DOT Exam Professionals. We started the utilization of their services back in February 2012 and they have solved all of our transportation headaches and at the same time offered us a service by conducting DOT physicals on-site at a very affordable price which has saved CRST money and time. We are very pleased with the services that DOT Exam Professionals has provided and would recommend them to anyone that would like to save time, money, and have their DOT Physicals conducted by a professional organization.

    Alvin Hoggard – Terminal Manager, CRST Expedited
  • I have had the privilege to work with Tina Hall and her team at DOT Exams Professionals. My experience with them has been nothing but pleasant. They provide excellent, timely, accurate service with outstanding professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good economical, but outstanding work.

    Kenneth Beamon – Director of Training Road, Master Trucking School
  • We have used DOT Exam Professionals for several months now. I have found them to be very professional and efficient. We have been able to save on our costs and maximize our time much better by moving over to mobile DOT physical/drug screen service.

    Glenn – Director, Advance School of Driving
  • Tina Hall has done an excellent job here working with us at our busy terminal. She is currently our on-site medical examiner. She oversees the physical examinations of all of our student drivers for their DOT Physicals as well as our current drivers for their recertifications. Her expertise, efficiency and precision have proven her to be an invaluable asset here at our Fontana Terminal. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her professional services.

    J. Aalberts – Safety Coordinator, Fontana CA